What is Amuse-Bouche: The Art Appetizer?

Amuse-Bouche (uh-mooz-boosh) is French for ‘entertains the mouth.’ In the culinary world it is usually a small, original, bite-sized appetizer which is created personally by the chef and cannot be found on a menu. It is an expression of the chef’s skill and style and can predict the culinary approach to the rest of the meal. We use the phrase Amuse-Bouche here in a similar sense. A small, original sample of art, created and inspired by the artist to help build the artistic appetite. Collect the art boxes and try out new artists and styles all without making the financial commitment of a large work. Amuse-Bouche brings a taste of different artists directly to you. Bon Appetit!

What Are The Goals?

This project will strive to entice people to buy original artwork created by artists, starting with a small artistic sample, which will in turn help stimulate the appetite of the consumer, ideally resulting in larger, future purchases of artwork. The project will be based around a product, the ‘art box,’ that will make original artwork more accessible and less intimidating than a gallery or art dealer setting, while affording the artists a living through its sales. Each ‘art box’ will contain an original work of art, by various selected artists, that can be purchased at a flat rate through a subscription service or one time purchase option. These small, original samples of art, created and inspired by the artist will help build the artistic desire for art. It will also minimize the intimidating, scary aspects of entering the art buying world,which is often seen as elite or untouchable, while being available to everyone at a reasonable set price and easily accessible online. Consumers will be exposed to a collection of different artists and styles through the subscription service. If the consumer finds an artist they enjoy, they will have the option to connect and purchase works directly from the artist through the resource system of participating artists.